Our Story

Select Vantage was founded in 2011 as a next-generation market participant firm marrying human insight with cutting-edge technology and industry-leading compliance and surveillance systems.


In 2012, Select Vantage acquired certain of the worldwide assets and business of another global day-trading firm. Although having been a dominant force in day trading for 15 years, that firm operated on a very decentralized model, which failed to adequately supervise traders or prevent manipulative trading such as layering. Select Vantage screened out traders unwilling or unable to comply with applicable trading regulations, and it developed sophisticated pre-trade filters and real-time/T+1 monitoring tools to effectively monitor all of its trading. Select Vantage traders now undergo extensive training in Select Vantage's simulated environment before going live.


Their human judgment, scaled across our global technological infrastructure, makes us a leading provider of liquidity for investors in small and medium-sized public companies globally. In Canada alone, we trade approximately 18% of the total dollar value in TSX Venture Exchange-listed securities.


Select Vantage also stresses the importance of both initial and ongoing training of all traders. In addition to providing a simulated trading environment, training tools and materials, Select Vantage also verifies its traders competency by testing them prior to granting access to live markets and through ongoing monitoring of their trading activity.