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The SEC’s equities overhaul: Necessary plumbing changes or a liquidity drain?

Written by: Wesley Bray | Published on: 08/21/2023 | In: Newsroom

As the Securities and Exchange Commission undergoes its biggest equities shake up in 18 years to bolster best execution, Wesley Bray explores what the changes could mean for institutional investors.  


Artificial Intelligence and its Discontents

Written by: Daniel Schlaepfer | Published on: 05/31/2023 | In: Newsroom

The application of artificial intelligence to financial markets has been making the headlines in recent weeks. Each day we see new articles about the countless and evolving use cases of chatbots and machine learning for trading and other varieties of capital allocation.

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US watches EU moves on PFOF

Written by: Alice Tchernookova | Published on: 04/05/2023 | In: Newsroom | Tags:pfof

A recent decision from the European Parliament to ban the practice could influence regulators across the pond.

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Retail auctions kill competition, market-makers say

Written by: Alice Tchernookova | Published on: 01/31/2023 | In: Newsroom

A proposal from the SEC to process retail orders through auctions could significantly harm competition, putting investors at risk of poor execution


Why Wall Street Is Clashing Over the SEC’s Stock-Trading Overhaul

Written by: Katherine Doherty | Published on: 12/15/2022 | In: Newsroom

A planned overhaul of US stock-trading rules was greeted with skepticism by some financial firms that said, essentially, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

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PFOF non-ban deals major blow to SEC agenda

Written by: Alice Tchernookova | Published on: 11/11/2022 | In: Newsroom

The absence of a ban on payment for order flow is in contradiction with chair Gensler’s original plans.

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