Select Vantage Inc. is a proud supporter of WE Charity

ME to WE College

Generations of impact.

WE is an organization dedicated to empowering people to change the world. For over 20 years, WE Villages has been building a holistic and sustainable development model to end the cycle of poverty in nine developing countries: Haiti, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Sierra Leone, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and rural China. 

WE partners with local communities and regional governments to support, teach and empower people through five Pillars of Impact. The first Pillar of Impact, Education, is the cornerstone of WE Villages. As WE built the development model, the organization learned that we must combat the barriers to education in order for children to attend school. This is how the Water, Health, Food and Opportunity Pillars were created. Each of the Five Pillars of Impact also align with one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, helping WE work toward sustainability and prosperity for all.

“Because you are giving me
the chance to make my dreams
come true, I know I’ll shine.”

Seema, student in the School of Tourism and Hospitality

Africa Kid

Select Vantage & the WE College

When children are educated, they are armed with the courage and self confidence to better themselves, their families, their communities and the next generation of young people. WE's vision is to empower young people in Kenya to achieve their career aspirations, break the cycle of poverty and act as positive role models for future generations. WE College is committed to providing a high-quality post-secondary experience for learners across Narok County. Over the coming decades WE will give thousands of young people in this rural region the chance to attend post-secondary school. WE College will offer thousands of learners the opportunity to pursue a diploma or certificate in one of the following areas: Technical Studies, Public Health, Education, Medicine, Business and Technology. Each area of study was carefully selected so graduates can pursue meaningful careers and remain in their home communities. WE ensures that young people don’t feel they have to go to Nairobi to get a job or to another country—with WE College, a successful career is possible at home.

Specifically, Select Vantage is supporting the School of Business at the WE College. The School of Business will ensure that, upon graduation, students are able to effectively implement their visions of becoming successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in the region. It will create educational and career opportunities for generations of students in Kenya.

Once complete, WE College will give hundreds of young people the opportunity to pursue further education every year. Over the coming decade, WE is excited to welcome thousands of learners into our school. WE College will enhance their career opportunities, break the cycle of poverty for their families and enhance the quality of educators, medical professionals, mechanics and other professionals who are passionate about giving back to their local communities.