Ringing the bell for better children’s healthcare

Written by: Select Vantage | Published on: 11/12/2018 | In: Blog | Comments: 0

Select Vantage opening the Toronto Stock Exchange

On October 31st 2018, Select Vantage was honoured to accept an invitation to ring the opening bell at the Toronto Stock Exchange for the city’s Hospital for Sick Children (known also as Sick Kids).

This opportunity, one offered to few non-listed companies, allowed us to raise over $38,000 for the hospital, directly supporting the research and development of wearable heart monitors for children.

We are proud to have been able to help such a worthy cause.

The Hospital for Sick Children is located only a couple of blocks from the Select Vantage offices and its work is immensely well respected and important. The hospital is affiliated to the University of Toronto and, through its research, has generated discoveries, technologies and techniques which have helped children the world over. The day worked as follows: vendors were asked to contribute money from their budgets or, alternatively, they agreed to discount their commission.

At the end of the day Select Vantage was then able to calculate the percentage of extra profit to donate to Sick Kids. This amounted to over $38,000, which far exceeded out expectations. We had originally hoped to make $25,000 so it was great that we were able to give so much more than that to the Hospital’s research project. It has been extremely rewarding to be involved in this process and to raise money to improve children’s healthcare.

We hope to carry out similar days in the future to provide support to more deserving charities in Canada and beyond!