Daniel Schlaepfer: “There Is No Such Thing As Free Day Trading”

Written by: Justin Kozuch | Published on: 11/09/2021 | In: Newsroom

As more people engage in trading activity, we talked to Daniel Schlaepfer, President and CEO of global market-making firm Select Vantage Inc. (SVI) to discuss the exponential growth of day trading and the regulatory measures that need to be taken to ensure fair trading.

Read the article at Entrepreneur.

Stop the PFOF Game

Written by: Justin Kozuch | Published on: 10/26/2021 | In: Newsroom

Last week's long-awaited release of the SEC's report on January's GameStop saga highlighted the role of payment-for-order-flow (PFOF) in the 'gamification' of day trading, but stopped short of banning the practice outright.

Read the article at IBTimes.

Select Vantage Canada CEO appointed to Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) - Market Structure Advisory Committee (MSAC)

Written by: Justin Kozuch | Published on: 09/22/2021 | In: Newsroom

"The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) announced today the membership of the Market Structure Advisory Committee (MSAC) for the 2021–2023 term. Established in 2011, the MSAC serves as a forum to discuss issues associated with market structure and marketplace operations. The MSAC also acts as a source of input and feedback for OSC staff to help facilitate the development of policy and rule-making initiatives that promote investor protection, fair and efficient capital markets, and confidence in those markets."

Read the press release on the OSC website.

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