ASIC drops investigation into Canadian day trader

Written by: Myriam Robin | Published on: 10/08/2020 | In: Newsroom

Daniel Schlaepfer has been suing the regulator while it investigated his day trading business. One of the sides has laid down arms. And no, it isn't him.


Select Vantage Inc. (SVI) Statement on Completion of ASIC Investigation

Written by: Select Vantage | Published on: 10/07/2020 | In: Newsroom

Select Vantage Inc. is pleased to have been informed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) that its investigation into suspected contraventions of the Corporation Act in relation to trading in various securities has been completed, and that ASIC has decided it will not take any enforcement action.

Pragmatism not posturing should drive Brexit talks

Written by: Daniel Schlaepfer | Published on: 07/02/2020 | In: Newsroom

“The stability of the global market depends on the international flow of liquidity. These flows have already been tempered by Covid-19.” says Daniel Schlaepfer, the CEO of Day Trade the World (DTTW), a company that offers anyone the opportunity to start their own day trading office.

High-Frequency Traders Feast on Volatile Market

Written by: Scott Patterson and Alexander Osipovich | Published on: 03/27/2020 | In: Newsroom

Some quick-draw traders that don’t use complex algorithms are also benefiting from the market’s swings. Daniel Schlaepfer, CEO of Select Vantage, which has more than 2,000 day traders world-wide, said his firm’s top 10 record days have occurred this month. Daily trading volumes across the firm have doubled since markets began their slide, he said.


Revenge of the robots: What is driving the market’s wild swings

Written by: Andrew Willis and Mark Rendell | Published on: 03/27/2020 | In: Newsroom

Think of last week’s stock market as a Terminator movie. As an individual investor, you were an all-too-human Sarah Connor, up against thousands of computer-based traders (that’d be the nefarious Skynet artificial neural network). If you’ve seen the film – any of them, really – you’ll know how the showdown ended: You survived, but you got beat up pretty good.


Select Vantage: Keeping trading a people-centred business

Written by: Nikola Đorđević | Published on: 10/08/2019 | In: Newsroom

When Daniel Schlaepfer established Select Vantage Inc (SVI) in 2011, he conceived of a next generation proprietary day trading firm powered by the potential of human insight over algorithms. Built from the ashes of another company, Daniel salvaged components that showed huge promise – technology, infrastructure and talent – and combined it with a new focus on sophisticated compliance and surveillance tools. He instilled a new managerial culture that prioritised the development of razor-sharp analytical skills in his traders.


OSC announces Market Structure Advisory Committee members

Written by: OSC | Published on: 09/24/2019 | In: Newsroom

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) announced today the membership of the Market Structure Advisory Committee (MSAC) for the 2019–2021 term. Established in 2011, the MSAC serves as a forum to discuss issues associated with market structure and marketplace operations.

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