Trading In The Spotlight

Written by: IBTimes | Published on: 09/28/2022 | In: Newsroom

As the financial industry digests the SEC's long-awaited decision on Payment-for-Order-Flow – and Netflix's treatment of the GameStop saga that brought about the intense scrutiny of the controversial policy - we spoke to the CEO of a professional trading firm with an unusual degree of familiarity with the world of financial regulation.


An Elegant Solution to PFOF and Related Perversions

Written by: Daniel Schlaepfer and Ian Bandeen | Published on: 08/05/2022 | In: Newsroom

As Payment-for-Order-Flow (PFOF) is coming under increased scrutiny in both the US and EU, professional trading chiefs propose a unique solution of their own.


As US regulators warn brokerage firms and investors of the risks involved, the retail trading boom shows no signs of slowing

Written by: Kevin Holland | Published on: 04/26/2022 | In: Newsroom

The trading of Twitter shares over the past couple of weeks has been at an all-time high for retail investors. In April so far, trades in the stock have been 11x higher than the monthly average since 2020, the Wall Street Journal reports.


Stop the PFOF Game

Written by: Daniel Schlaepfer | Published on: 10/26/2021 | In: Newsroom

Last week's long-awaited release of the SEC's report on January's GameStop saga highlighted the role of payment-for-order-flow (PFOF) in the 'gamification' of day trading, but stopped short of banning the practice outright.


Select Vantage Canada CEO appointed to Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) - Market Structure Advisory Committee (MSAC)

Written by: OSC | Published on: 09/22/2021 | In: Newsroom

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) announced today the membership of the Market Structure Advisory Committee (MSAC) for the 2021–2023 term. Established in 2011, the MSAC serves as a forum to discuss issues associated with market structure and marketplace operations.

The MSAC also acts as a source of input and feedback for OSC staff to help facilitate the development of policy and rule-making initiatives that promote investor protection, fair and efficient capital markets, and confidence in those markets.


Bull and bubble: Frenzied retail trading, outrageous valuations, easy money drive market madness

Written by: Tim Shufelt and Mark Rendell | Published on: 01/29/2021 | In: Newsroom

"The bull, it seems, has gone berserk. What had been a relentless but mostly orderly rise in stock prices since last spring has given way to a riotous new phase of the bull market, fuelled by frenzied trading among the growing ranks of small investors and rookie day traders."


The rise of day trading should be celebrated

Written by: Daniel Schlaepfer | Published on: 10/16/2020 | In: Newsroom

There has been considerable coverage of the rise of day trading since the onset of the pandemic. With many more people stuck at home, on furlough or unemployed, there has naturally been increased interest in trying to make a living from the markets.” says Daniel Schlaepfer, the CEO of Day Trade the World (DTTW), a company that offers anyone the opportunity to start their own day trading office.

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